Saturday, September 08, 2012

Quilty To-Dos


So many projects, so little time! So they will quit flitting about my brain, this is a list of my things to quilt/sew. In rough order of completion dates necessary.

Things with Deadlines
1. Disappearing Nine Patch Neutral Wedding Quilt (Nov)
2. Dancing Squares Neutral Picnic Blanket (Dec)
3. Baby Dress (Dec)
4. Drawstring Gift Bags for Christmas (Dec)
5. Baby Outfit/Quilt (April)
6. Baby Quilt (June)

1. Mother's Love
2. Turtle Quilt

For Me
1. WRS
2. Handstitched
3. I Spy Polaroids
4. Project Tote Bag
5. Iron Caddy

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