Monday, March 01, 2010

The Turtle Quilt

Way back in 2003, my local quilt shop was having a sale on fabric. So I had my not-yet-the-hubby pick out fabrics he liked with the intent of making him a quilt for his bed. The next spring, I stumbled across the perfect pattern--a drunkard's path variation with little heads and tails added to make turtles. After much cutting and more curved seams than I ever want to think about again, I had a nearly finished quilt top, lacking only borders.

Turtle Quilt (WIP)

Each head and tail are three dimensional, so they actually lift up.

Turtle Quilt (WIP)--Head Detail

In the intervening, oh, seven years, we married and upgraded to a queen bed. The colors are a bit bright for my taste, so I'm thinking this will make a nice oversized couch quilt. You know, if I ever manage to finish it.

In the meantime, it's sitting on my quilt rack waiting for a little TLC.

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