Cast of Characters


Self Portrait

A mechanical engineer by day and blogger/crafter by night; in a nutshell...I create things...all day long. My current loves are quilting, baking, and photography of the borderline obnoxious variety. And, of course, I must blog about it. I am passionate about social networking, future technologies, buying local, and the handmade movement. I wrap many of these together over at The Dining Dragon where I post weekly reviews of local restaurants in Huntsville.

I was born and raised in California, where I fell madly in love with a blonde-haired blue-eyed boy and then absconded with him out of state. We currently call Huntsville, Alabama home and we are enchanted with the lush greenery, the proximity to nature, and the lower cost of living.

The Hubby

Happy Hubby

Eleven years together, married for seven. He indulges my whims and supports my dreams. And puts up with things like wearing paper crowns from Christmas crackers and having his picture taken a million billion times. We met in physics class in college and are both engineers. We share the kitchen, long conversations, and a silly sense of humor. We don't share our computers unless absolutely necessary.


Green Eyes

Curious, cautious, anxious, and all together too smart. Jack was the first of our two kitties to be adopted and is our little cupboard/drawer/door opening cat. He's currently trying to figure out the fridge. The only thing stopping him is sheer body weight and a strong seal. He likes to sit rightnexttoyou but will perch on you if you are in bed. This very serious little face is the first thing I see every morning upon waking up.



Adopted 3 weeks after Jack, Abby (short for Abernathy) has no problem ignoring Jack's posturing and doing as she pleases. A kneader and a purrbaby, she is sure to come for cuddles if the hubby and I are sitting together and demands a lap and pettings everyone morning when I get out of the shower. Smart enough to try to frame Jack for her mischief, she also has a tendency to chew on cords, loose screws, and whatever human food she can find. (Really. Meat. Pasta. Lettuce.)
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