365 Photo Project

The House

On June 13th, 2009; the hubby and I moved into our very first house. On June 14th, I began a 365 day photo project to document our new house. The rules were simple:

1. Take a photo every day.
2. Post it to this blog.

On October 8, 2010; I completed the challenge. By the numbers this project was:
  • 365 photos
  • 65 documented skip days
  • 7 undocumented skip days
  • 44 excused days

For a more qualitative evaluation, read my reflections.

You can see the project under the following tags

365 (My daily pictures)
365:milestones (Milestones in the project)
365:skip day (Keeping honest)

Or check out the Flickr set, to see all the photos at once.
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