Sunday, January 01, 2012

Mother's Love: Update

Mother's Love

When I last posted about this quilt, I had the applique about half done. At the time, I was in the middle of working on baby quilt for a friend. I finished that quilt and then went back to work on my Wonky Rainbow Squares Quilt. During my trip to California this November, I was looking for a portable craft project, so I brought this along with me. Between the sewing I got done there and since...I finally put the last stitches into the applique yesterday!

*happy dance*

Sure, it gets a bit wonky in places, like the angel's wings which most definitely do not line up. And her rather polygon-ish head.

Mother's Love

Overall, it's not too bad for my first real attempts at applique (and given the years this stretched over.) My stitches are for the most part small and hidden, it's just those pesky curves that gave me heartache.

Mother's Love

I had forgotten though, until I went back and looked at my original sketch just how much non-applique work there is to do.

Mother's Love: The Plan

However, now that I am past the hurdle of the (what seemed like) endless applique, I am onto some fun stuff! Buttons! Problem solving! Ribbons! Stuffed hearts! Embroidery! And all in small doses! (One good/bad thing is that I don't remember exactly what the plan was for everything--those double hearts up by the top? No idea if those were supposed to be embroidered or what. Which means I get to have some fun improvising. : )

I'm hoping to have this wrapped up by mother's day this year and in my mom's hands. Because NINE years seems like long enough to wait. And I'd like to move onto other projects without this WIP hanging over my head.

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