Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WRS--Green Centers

Yellow Strips

You might remember that I'm working on a quilt. Or you might not, since I quilt approximately at the pace of a snail. Going the wrong direction. Over speed bumps.

Regardless, I am working on this quilt. (Going on 1.5 years now...) and yesterday I was able to finish up the green centered blocks. I had started adding the yellow layer to these some undocumented amount of time ago. And then other stuff happened. But yesterday! I added the two remaining yellow sides and wonk-ied them up. Hurrah! One color down.

This means I have 2/5 colors pretty much wrapped up.

Red and Yellow Outer Layers

When I first started this, in October of 2009, my plan was to float the blocks on a black background. After reading modern quilting blogs though, I was really loving the idea of floating them on white. And when the size of the finished blocks became evident, I starting thinking of back layouts as well. So then I was thinking--float on white on the front, float on black on the back. Now I'm thinking, pick my favorite one of each color, float those on white in a "random" layout on the front and then chop up the balance of the blocks (quarters? crazy quilt style?) and put them back together and make the back without any sashing at all. One side would be serene and reflecting, the other absolutely chaotic. By the time I actually get to that point, who knows what I'll go with? : )

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