Friday, March 21, 2008

Ink And Vine

Is mine, all mine.

In a moment of weakness brilliance tonight, I created a second Etsy shop. Heaven help me. See what hitting 100 sales does to you? You get punchy. you start thinking you can take on the world. You start getting fussy and decide that really, all that logging in and out won't bother you. Really.

You envision the clean, uncluttered look of having just one "brand" in your shop. You picture buyers who find only things they are interested in (and no, my buyers don't cross shop).

And then, the kicker. You start thinking of names. Naming things is always a bad idea, because once you name something, you want to keep it. Like kittens. And children. And Etsy shops.

And then, worse yet, I found a name I liked. The kind of name I always envy when I see other shops with them because they are so snappy and sophisticated.

As of today, my flower cards have begun the great migration over to...Ink And Vine. And my dragonlings will stay under MrsDragon, since that makes a great deal of sense.

Now the only question is taglines for each shop.

I'm thinking along the lines of:

Ink And Vine:
Send A Bouquet of Love
Say What You Feel
Just The Right Words
Flowers and Quotes

The Dragonling Adoption Agency
Find Your Muse
Matching Dragonlings and Humans Since 2006



  1. For Ink & Vine I like: Flowers and Quotes

    And for Mrs. Dragon I LOVE matching Dragonlings and Humans since 2006.

    Very cute :)

  2. How funny, I just clicked to leave my thoughts and they are exactly the same as Kat's, above.

    I've give the two shop issue much thought as well, but have yet to take the leap.

    I just realized/remembered while writing this that I have flowers and dragons on one of my recent blog posts -- a different medium though. Take a peek...

    Good luck with your new shop. I'll be checking back to hear the ups and downs while trying to decide for myself how to proceed.

    - Theresa

  3. I love the new name!! Good luck with your second shop. :D

  4. Good for you - so brave! I'm sure the new shop will be a huge success - your cards are wonderful. Best of luck!

  5. Thank you all for the well wishes and the input! I'm sure there will be lots more posts about the joys/terrors of two shops!

  6. Good luck with two shops!! I LOVE both "The Dragonling Adoption Agency" and "Matching Dragonlings and Humans Since 2006." Can't go wrong with either. I also really like "Flowers and Quotes" for the brilliantly named Ink and Vine.


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