Monday, March 17, 2008

Random Facts Meme

I've been tagged by Copperheart

The rules of tagging are:
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1. The hardest part of creating my dragonlings is coloring them. I always worry that I will ruin a really great line drawing with poor color choices or a stray mark! This is especially bizarre when you consider how much I *love* vivid, bold colors.

2. My favorite color is green, but I am so picky about which green that I buy most things in blue.

3. I prefer to type things out because I can explain myself more fully and select my words carefully. However, when it comes to really important stuff, it can take me all day to write a two line email because I am SO anxious over getting it "just so".

Laundry Day4. My paper scissors are just as sacred as my Gingher shears. Heaven forbid they be taken anywhere near tape, cardboard, food packaging, or plastic tags. You will feel my wrath. >_<

5. I feel guilty locking the kittens out of my craft room, but I know that if I let them in they would destroy most of my WIPs.

6. Many people do not "get" my sense of humor since it can be very dry. People tend to take me seriously (and think I'm an idiot) when I am adding to their jokes. Those that do get it though, think I am hilarious and we bond instantly!

I tag...

1. Athena's Armoury (Chainmail made modern)
2. Beads in the Belfrey (Amazing jewelry)
3. JellyBeans ("Bubbly" Watercolors)
4. John W Golden (My favorite Digital Artist)
5. DC Designs (Amazing polymer clay)
6. You! If you are reading this consider yourself tagged! Make sure to leave a link in the comments, so we can see what you had to say. : )

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