Sunday, March 23, 2008

My First Two Shop Conundrum

In my debate over opening two shops, I thought about a lot of things. The need to log in and out. The need to promote two shops and have two sets of business cards, promotional material, etc. The need to create and list more often to keep two shops at the top of the listings.

One thing I never thought of...favorites and buying. I currently have LOTS of favorites in my MrsDragon shop. I mean a LOT. I did a major clean out a few weeks ago and I have 64 pages of items and 37 pages of sellers. And I've done a lot of buying (nearly 200 items) on that account. Now, it would make sense to do buying under my new shop, to build up feedback. But, I like having all my purchases in one spot and not having to remember what shop name I bought or (worse yet) favorited things under.

However, it *is* a pain to sort through lots of items to find things. I could in theory use one shop's hearts for just things for treasuries or things I find inspirational or just things for gifts, to keep them seperate from my personal favorites. Of course, I set up a wist a long time ago to tell people what I *really* want.

I dunno. I'm going to have to just test the waters on a few points and see how things work for me, I think.

And now, a new listing! Meet Lumvi:


  1. Chica, you're discovering many of the conundrums I encountered as well! I think what's going to wind up happening for me is combining my two shops into one: Athena's Armoury. Personally, I've just found it to be be too time consuming and difficult to upkeep two shops. But, the other huge thing is that because I tend to like making larger* maille piece that take so long to make, adding other stuff might make for a good filler to keep my shop on top of the search lists. Obviously what works for me may not work for you and you will probably find some brilliant way of organizing your hearts and purchases so that I switch back to the two shop format. =)

  2. Lots of food for thought here. I hadn't even thought about the favorites issue. The double email issue was enough to give me pause to stop and think about it. The reality is that my life is already hectic enough, and though I really like the idea of two shops, being a person who can be rather detail oriented, it would probably be too time consuming and end up driving me nuts. Between my blog and my shop, I already spend far too much time in front of the computer when I should be making new things. Yet, I'm still drawn to the idea, and I do enjoy this computer stuff. Ahhh, such a quandary!


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