Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Overdue Cargo Net


A few years ago we purchased a car. A shiny blue little Corolla that was to be all mine. And over the last 3 years, oh how I've loved my little car. There was just one tiny little issue. The cargo net.

I had seen how useful my mom's net was so when I bought my car, I opted to have one too. Only the dealer was out and had to order it. Rather than hold up my going home with the car, they offered to ship it to me. I asked how to install it and they said "Oh, it just screws in." Awesome, I can totally handle that.

And true to their word, the net arrived about a week later. All was going swimmingly until I tried to actually install the thing. There was nowhere to screw it in. There were these little plastic things, but there was no way to hook the net to them.


I googled and asked around and eventually gave up. So for the past three years, I've been driving around with the net and it's hardware neatly folded in my trunk.

The other day my husband tells me "I looked up a tutorial on how to install your net, you want to get that in?" Uh, yea!

And so we did. Turns out you have to actually remove the little plastic things and pull back the carpet to install the clips you need to screw into. Of course.

Car Net Install

But the most important part is that we prevailed and now our reusable bags have a home!

Hurrah for the hubby!


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