Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mother's Love

For Mother's Day (2003), I decided to make my mom a lap quilt. I carefully picked colors that I knew she had in her house and pieced together a top. That was as far as I got, so I took it home to show her, so she would have something to open.

Back of Mom's Quilt (WIP)

To say she hated it would be too strong, but it was clearly not to her taste. So instead, I offered to make that the backing and create a top she would love. We worked together over that weekend to sketch it up and went to her local quilt shop to pick a background color.

Mother's Love: The Plan

In the time since, I have started on the front, and finished about half the applique.

Mom's Quilt (WIP)

I need to finish the quilt top, sandwich, and quilt.

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