Sunday, November 20, 2011

Post Exam Vacation (Day 2)

The continuing adventures of my vacation to the Bay Area. You can read Part I here.

Day two of my trip began with sunlight filtering through the windows of my hostess's living room. We got off to a leisurely start, but by 10 am we had all assembled for a day of crafts and food.

Cats and Tea

I had brought pumpkin bread and my friend made us all eggs, bacon, and coffee cake.


After breakfast, we settled in with our respective crafts. There was knitting and reading.

Craft Day!

Followed by winding.

Craft Day!

And rug making.

Craft Day!

The cats kept us company.

Craft Day!

While our hostess outdid herself by making roasted chicken, potatoes, and green beans, in between sorting through pictures.

Craft Day!

I continued work on the applique project that might never end

Craft Day!

Later that day another old friend joined us and we went to Fentons for ice cream. You could call it dinner I suppose, but we all knew what we were there for. : )


There was a lot of sugar, talking, and laughing until our sides hurt. How I miss these girls.


After our ice cream dinner, we headed back home where we talked and laughed some more before calling it a night.

To be continued...

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