Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Post Exam Vacation (Day 3)

The continuing adventures of my vacation to the Bay Area. You can read Day 1 here and Day 2 here.

The third day of my visit, we had a very important engagement. A dear friend from college has been battling cancer since just after graduation. She had just completed her 10th (?) run of chemo at a hospital in Texas and was coming home for some rest. To celebrate her return home, and her November birthday, she was hosting a tea party and had requested we all arrive in our dressed up best. The party was in Roseville (near Sacramento), scheduled for after dinner, so one of my friends had reserved us a hotel room nearby for the night.

Before we got to that though, there was shopping to be done. My hostess was in need of something to wear with her new, decidedly lovely Victorian-eqsue boots so we hit up TJ Max. It's been a long time since I was in one as I had found the racks and racks of clothes to be completely overwhelming. So while she shopped for an outfit, I had fun roaming the aisles. They had some seriously cute stuff. Case in point?

TJ Max

Post shopping we headed home where we painted our nails (me toes, her fingers) before meeting up with another of our party and piling in the car. We stopped in Sacramento to meet up with some long time friends of my hostess over a dinner of fried chicken at Sandra Dees. The fried chicken was amazing and the corn bread perfect, so I was quite a happy camper. I'm not sure where they are finding the giant chickens these wings must have come from, but I sent our fellow dinners home with extra leftovers as I couldn't finish everything on my plate.

Sandra Dees

After dinner, we meet up with the final member of our group at the hotel where we all changed and headed over to the tea shop. I wore my teal dress and sparkly shoes with my newly painted toenails.

Laurie's Tea Party

The tea was lovely. There was laughing and talking and catching up. Apparently, just as I stepped to the restroom, there was also a memorable moment of the entire room mimicking the dog from Up in saying "Squirrel? Squirrel?" Of course, the best part was seeing my friend. Unfortunately, our group pictures turned out rather blurry, but here is one of the birthday girl herself.

Laurie's Tea Party

After the tea, we headed back to the hotel where most of us crashed rather quickly. Our knitter, a bookworm amoung bookworms, stayed up to read.

To be continued...

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