Saturday, May 21, 2011

CSA--Year 2--Week 2

CSA--Year 2--Week 2

This week's box included:
*1 overfull basket of strawberries
*5 stalks of asparagus
*4 turnips (those long pink things are a variety of turnip)
*1 bunch of green onions
*1 small head romaine lettuce
*1 small head of broccoli
*1 head of cabbage
*A handful of green peas
*LOTS of beets

The beets and peas were from the "take some, leave some" box. I was one of the last to arrive so I was piled high with beets.

We have less direction this week than last. We're planning on using the strawberries to make some awesome lemonade. The asparagus I think we will saute and I found an interesting looking recipe for turnip green soup. The green onions will go into omlets, the cabbage might make it's way into coleslaw as we have a food processor this year and it should be a snap. The broccoli and beets will be salads and snacks with the romaine going into the salads as well. The peas will be...well, how exactly DO you cook regular peas? I suppose I shall have to do some googling. And then there are the turnips...I'm not really sure what we will do with those either. Any brilliant recipes I should know about?


  1. When we had a garden and it has been awhile I never got to cook the peas. We opened the peas and ate them raw as snacks. You could also sprinkle them raw into your salads.

    As for the beets, never used them myself either.

  2. Anonymous10:38 AM

    For both the beets & turnips I would suggest roasting them. I cut them in fourths, add a little olive oil, salt, & pepper. The turnips especially get slightly sweet. Even Gonzo loved them. For the peas you can't go wrong with fried rice.


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