Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 322/365--This is It

My daily contribution to my year long "Around the House" photo project. 365 photos. Blogged here.

322/365 This is It

This is our kitchen as it looks tonight. And, truth be told how it looks most times. Sure, sometimes the baking sheets are replaced with dirty pots, the dishes to the side with bowls heavy with the crusty remnants of batter.

When we were house shopping, one of our top three essentials was a big kitchen. The hubby and I love to cook and bake together and most kitchens are too small for one person to do large scale cooking in, let alone for two people to do so. This kitchen is everything we hoped for and then some--that island is amazing for everything from Christmas cookies to soft pretzels to party spreads.

So when I see the clutter, the dirt, the mess, I can't help but smile too. Because those dishes piled by the sink are evidence of homecooked meals made with love and enjoyed together. A little bit of chaos seems a small price to pay.


  1. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Good for you! I tend to beat myself up about the constant pile of drying bowls and pans beside the sink, but they wouldn't be there if we hadn't enjoyed something awesome.

  2. Hey at least yours are drying! : ) I always wonder, while scrapping dried up gunk off pans, why we don't just wash them right away.


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