Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New and Improved!

I may have a bit of a rocky relationship with my photography, but when I love it, I adore it. I adore this one. I was playing around trying to take a picture that would allow for my etsy thumbnail to showcase both the flower and the stem. It's only because the thumbnails are square that this pic didn't make the cut. But it did make it up onto flickr and thus here! You can see the whole card (and the thumbnail that *did* made the cut) right here.

Artsy Shot

In other (very exciting) news, tonight I sat down and reworked my blog. I have been getting increasingly "blahed-out" on my generic template and distinct lack of sidebar space. So the other day, when someone in the forums mentioned a super blogger who was giving away a three column template I bookmarked it! And today I finally got a chance to implement!

Meet my lovely new layout. Other new and spiffy things include

*My shop banner replaces the heading entirely
*New sidebars--an introduction, an Etsy Mini, and a list of tags
*Older sidebars have been rearranged, renamed, and generally poked at
*A new user pic (though this one gets pretty blurry at that size, I may switch that out later)
*New background and "clicked links" colors

I luff it! Input and suggestions are (as always) appreciated.


  1. Photos are tricky - I'm always learning something new and trying to tweak. LOVE the new layout and colors - great choices!

  2. Photography seems to be one big learning experience. Every time I think "WOW these are great!" a few weeks later I'm thinking "UGH those are awful!" Lol. It pushes me to keep improving though. : )

    And thank you! ^_^

  3. It looks great!! I love the green, and your banner, and the 3 columns! Yeah!

    The pic of your flower is great--love the angle and the focus.

    Smiles, Karen

  4. Thanks Karen! ^_^

    I love your eye for color, so if you say it looks good, then I know I've done well! : )


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