Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Inspiration Strikes!

Like many other artists, I am continually in awe of the world around me. My engineering training means I find hours of entertainment in studying manufactured objects as well as the natural world. And a flirtation with the idea of being a graphic designer means beautiful, well designed ads strike my fancy.

Colors, patterns, shapes, textures. If they make me pause, make me want to hold on a little while longer, then my magpie instinct kicks in and I want to horde them. Keeping that little bit of brilliance bumping around in my brain until it gets spit back out, in a new form on some future project.

Luckily for me my husband is very understanding of these little love affairs because I go a bit stupid when infatuated. He and I will be mid conversation when I will stop mid-sentence and STARE at some random color/ad/picture/texture that caught my eye. And then I gibber about it. "Oh my god, look at that ________________!" At which point, I usually catch myself and we can return to our regularly scheduled conversation. Have I mentioned that I am a useless conversationalist while shopping?

(True confession: I hang onto the shopping cart while grocery shopping with my husband so I don't wander off chasing after something shiny and lose him.)

Anyway, the most recent of these little temptations appeared last weekend as I was cleaning up for our guest. I was putting magazines away (which of course means flipping through them) and talking to my hubby. All the sudden I lose track of what we were talking about and go "OOOOOHHHH! Look at this!" and shove the magazine under my hubby's nose.

The culprit? A beautiful print ad for razors. Done in gorgeous glowing shades of yellow (this picture doesn't come close to doing it justice) with sleek, organic, curvaceous legs contrasting with the sharply geometric "science-y looking lines" (trust me, they don't mean a darn thing, they just look cool)imprinted over them.

Just cover up the copy in the bottom right corner and look at the design work. It's not the most original idea under the sun, but it is beautifully implemented, with full rich colors and a light touch.

It's things like that that make me want to run straight to my crafting supplies and create, create, create!


And, on a totally unrelated note--there is a new card, with a new saying up in my shop! This saying was too perfect to resist--so I didn't! : )

"If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden. Claudia Ghandi"

I'm a sucker for "thinking of you" type cards because, let's face it, while well intentioned my cards have a way of showing up very very late. Oh, I buy them early, but the sending on time is still eluding me. So until I manage to get the timing down just so I adore cards like these. Because they are for no occasion at all, it is never "too late" to send them! Besides, everyone likes "just because" mail. It's so much more fun than the endless parade of junkmail and important mail disguised as junk mail. (Am I the only one who finds really important things they thought they never received while shredding junk mail? UGH!).

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