Thursday, June 28, 2007

Journal Journey

Today, at lunch, I began work on my journal page for submission to Diary 2008. She needs them before July 1, so that gives me, um, a couple of days! Yipes.

Journal Sketch

So that certainly isn't the final design (the arrows and notes would be a nice touch, lol). But it gives you an idea what I'm thinking of. : ) I really need to look up what hard hats actually look like because right now I think they are wearing brim-less baseball caps. ^_^

It's funny how much my art training combines with my engineering training sometimes. I'm drawing this thinking "the composition needs something over here to balance it out" right after "Is that pulley placed properly to give him the mechanical advantage he needs?". Hehe.

In other news for the day...

A new card! (In a very pretty shade of green. Mmmm. Green.)

The world's cutest kittens evah! (Look at the tongue!Awww!^_^)


It's Thursday! That means Self Portrait Thursday. So here we toes! Taken by yours truly. : )

SPT 6-28


  1. adorable! I have two little black kittens about the same size. They look like a barrel of fun.

  2. A barrel of fun and another barrel of trouble! ; ) But they make up for it all with the cute. ^_^


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