Sunday, June 01, 2008

A Productive Weekend

This weekend was spent quite pleasantly. My hubby and I went hiking yesterday. Just a short little 1.2 mile hike, but it's the first hiking I've done since high school so we are easing back into it! Plus I discovered that my darling hubby is a bit of a hiking drill sergeant in regards to the pace he sets--it certainly makes for a good workout! We went up to a national park that is practically in our backyard and the scenery was just lush and green and gorgeous! I'll only put one photo here, but if you click on the photo, you can check out the rest of the ones I took in my flickr account.

Trails Begin Here

Today I spent working on new cards! 84 new cards got their start this weekend. *whew* I've got the flowers sewn on and the sayings stamped. Now they just need leaves, photographs, and cello bags. Can you tell which part of this I enjoy more? : )

I also began brainstorming for table displays this weekend. My first show is coming up on the 19th and this is my first year with having two "shops" to represent. In some ways, that is simple, but in others (like freebies) it makes things a bit more challenging. Anyway, I sat down with a pen and some paper and let the ideas flow. I love thinking "out loud" like this.


Here you can see my brilliant plans for signage for the baskets, a rough table layout, a plans for freebies.

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