Monday, June 02, 2008

Where to Begin...

As I mentioned in my last post, I have a craft fair coming up. On June 19th to be exact. So I need to focus. Prepare. Get Ready. You know, have stuff. And a way for people to see the stuff. And then hope that they buy the stuff. ^_^

So, from now until then, here is my "to do" list:

*Cut and glue leaves onto semi finished cards
*Photograph now finished cards
*Place finished cards into cello bags
*Number bags
*Upload pics onto the computer and sort into folders by number (my high tech inventory system)

*Create little "one inch art" pieces
*Create five more quotable ACEOS with non love related quotes
*Finish my "success" piece
*Create 10 more large flower cards
*Create 30 medium flower cards
*Finish remaining two frames flowers

*Draw dragonlings for 20 bookmarks and 10 cell charms
*Color the dragonlings
*Cut and shrink and dink the dragonlings
*Assemble 20 bookmarks and 10 cell charms
*Create two framed dragonlings

*Photograph the bookmarks and cell charms
*Package bookmarks and cell charms
*Finish pages for coloring book
*Xerox coloring books
*Assemble coloring books

Official Business

*Look into getting new promo cards made up
*Get them made up and printed
*Fold promo cards
*Get Ink&Vine buttons designed
*Print and cut and ship buttons to Christine

*Assemble freebie bags
*Decide what else I need for my display--purchase or make
*Purchase card stock for signs
*Make signs for card baskets showing what cards are in them.
*Swap out mrsdragon cards for inkandvine cards on all previously packaged cards

Um...that's 31 things and 18 two a day--go! : )

1 comment:

  1. Damn, girl. That's quite a list! How's it going so far?

    Good luck with the show!!


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