Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Perfect Papercutter For Me

I need a new paper cutter. I currently own a rotary Friskar's cutter. And it's given me many years of faithful service. And, considering I picked it up for a song, I have no real complaints. Mostly, I've outgrown the little guy and the once forgivable little wobbles are no longer so charming.

You can see him here, he's the one up front, just below the magnetic board.

My Space

And so, the hunt begins. My list (because every good shopping trip begins with a list of must-haves. Consider how many women have made lists of qualities their ideal partner must have. Shopping is serious business.)

*Must cut lots of paper. Loads of paper. Okay, 5-10 sheets of cardstock would win my heart.

*Must cut straight each time, every time. I won't be a softy on this one again. I learned my lesson with my (soon to be) ex.

*Must have a clearly marked grid. Sure it sounds great to be all "spontaneous" but when you are on your last bit of you favorite paper it simply has to be right. "I'm sorry" won't cut it.

*Must not look like it would fit in at the county jail. (Um, if they let sharp objects in there, anyway.) Because no matter what we say, looks matter. (Sorry guys.)

*Must be able to cut at least 12x12" sheets of paper. 15x15" would be nice. Must still fit on my crafting table. (Yup, size matters too. Sorry again guys.)

*Must not cost 80 million dollars, require a small army of accessories, or endless replacement parts. Because high maintenance is so passe. And really, it would just be disappointed; I'm not that kind of girl.

*Bonus points if it is self sharpening or otherwise can take care of itself. (Self sufficiency = +5)

If anyone has an recommendation for good ways to get to know paper cutters or places to pick them up, I'd love to hear them. : )


  1. your space looks great!

  2. Anonymous9:17 AM

    I would recommend checking out The Paper Cutter Store. They have all kinds of paper cutters.


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