Monday, May 26, 2008

A Spot To Sit

Many many moons (okay, about 7 years) ago, I moved into my very first apartment. It was very tastefully furnished by a combination of parental cast offs, thrift store chic, and Ikea finds. Which included a set of Windsor style kitchen chairs, put together by my father, brother, and then-boyfriend. Given the rather strained relationship between my ex-boyfriend and family this escalated into a contest of "who can put the chairs together better". Which apparently meant "Who can over tighten the screws the most". Let's just say that some of those chairs began life wobbly and it went downhill from there.

By the time, four years later that my now hubby and I were loading up all of our earthly possessions for the long drive to LA, the poor chairs were not only wobbly but a couple of them had had the bottom struts broken out. Given the very cramped U-Haul (they had lost our reservation and we ended up with a truck a size smaller than we had reserved) and their very beleaguered state, we thanked them for their service and left them curbside. (They were adopted before we finished putting them out, so that was hardly the end of their story).

Upon our arrival in LA, we had the option of a furnished apartment (ie: our landlord didn't want to have to find somewhere to store all this stuff), so we simply used the chairs that came with the apartment. Which worked out very well until we once again packed up all of our earthly possessions (this time forgoing the U-Haul) and moved to Huntsville.

For the last year, we have had exactly four chairs in the house--two computer chairs and two folding camp chairs. This has been just *charming* since that means most meals get eaten either on the couch or in the office at our desks.

The main delay has been the issue of not wanting more throw away furniture. I've always felt that quality furniture is worth paying for. But when you look at the price tags on nice chairs and multiply by 6, 8, or 12...well, chairs stop being a top priority somehow. But since George W has decided that to incentiv-ize us to go forth and spend money, well, that's all of the push I needed. (Oh well, that and the fact that next month my mother, grandmother, and grandmother-in-law will be staying with us for a few days and I don't think the camp chairs are going to cut it.)

So we spent this weekend doing the furniture tour of Huntsville. After much searching (apparently light wood is *so* not in right now) we found chairs that were comfortable, well made, in the right shade, and on sale. Here is the rendering from the website.


So now, in 2-4 weeks, we will be the proud owners of actual, real kitchen chairs! And the grandmas can have some place to sit! (If the cats don't manage to take them over first ; )


  1. home is where you sit your tush. or something like that. congrats on the grown up chairs. {i probably would have taken your curbside ones}. these would be perfect for collage! oh, what? they have to stay pretty and light and perfect. oh. ok. i guess i can accept that too. nice work adult!

  2. A fine choice - they appear to be well made, sturdy, and even comfy. And I don't think I got the memo about light colored wood...


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