Sunday, May 18, 2008

Of Things Yet To Come

Today I spent some quality time with my carbon pen, a stack of paper, and the telephone. While talking on the phone to my mom about family, work, and her upcoming visit(s) I worked out the first three pages of something I have wanted to do for a very long time--a dragonling coloring book!

The idea is to make it an ACEO, numbered and limited edition. My first idea was to Gocco the pages, but after finishing the first three, I am worried that the lettering and details are so small that it will end up nothing but big blobs of mush.

So I have two options--redo it as a half page layout or find another way to print it. There are pros and cons to both.


Larger Layout:
1. Better for little hands--this would widen the age group these are being marketed to
2. Keep the Goccoing--this creates more of an "arty" image for the book and makes it (imo) more special
3. Will be more visible and obvious on craft show tables, etc

Smaller Layout:
1. Neat twist on an ACEO--may create unique marketing opportunity
2. Slips neatly into a cello sleeve
3. Just the right size to be used for party favors/give aways
4. Easy to carry in a pocket


Larger Layout:
1. May still have a tendency to add lots of details--and making Goccoing equally difficult
2. Hard for me to draw that large--may take more time to draw (esp because of #1)

Smaller Layout:
1. Going to Xeroxing seems very unspecial.
2. Limits age group to the 8 or 9 and up due to required hand eye coordination (which also means that puzzles etc need to be more challenging)

(I would show you all what I have so far, but for some reason every time I try to scan the images my scanning software chokes and dies a horrible death.)

Any thoughts on other printing methods I could use? Opinions on preferred size?

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  1. have you decided on either one yet? i like small. but the cons of small make sense too. i am no help. but i am interested in what you decide.


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