Sunday, May 11, 2008

*Pokes Blog*

I am still alive! : )

I've been busy with life, the universe, and everything the past week or so. Many apologies for neglecting ye old blog. I have still be listing things in my etsy shops, although lately it is much more fun to think of things to make than it is to list things. Which is a shame as those things that are never listed will never be sold. Must get on that.

My mind has been turning over dozens of new things to make. In part because now that I have officially divided out my items into two shops, I can diversify each "category" without making one shop look even sloppier. In part because I have been accepted into the Sidewalk Art Stroll again this year and I want to have a nice full table!

In addition to new ideas for the shop, I'm trying to come up with new (and easy, and inexpensive) ideas for table displays and give aways. As well as ideas on how to display all my merchandise. I'm thinking of running a ribbon down the center of the table and putting Ink&Vine on one side and Mrs Dragon on the other. I'm also trying to figure out how to get my cards out of baskets! and out where people can see them. One idea is to create a message or display board that has a sample of each saying so people can see all the options. This could either be something with just the sayings or a card with each saying. Something with just the sayings would be compact but lack visual pow! On the other hand, a sample of each card would take up a *lot* of room.

Decisions, decisions...


  1. hmm, thats tough. Maybe you could have a photo album/portfolio type book laying open on the table for people to look through your cards. that way instead of a sample you could have the actual card inside. you could even display it open to see front and back when you turn the page.

  2. Hmmm, that might work. Or maybe some combination of the two--most of the cards in albums, but some up in frames or on a board to draw people in?

    Thanks for the thoughts!

  3. "Pokes Blog" made me laugh! I often display some cards on a metal board with magnets (also for sale)and have the rest in baskets. I don't have lots to sell though so I'm not sure that this would be applicable for you. Let us know your solution!

  4. I like the magnetic board idea. I was thinking of doing something like that for my dragonling magnets, but my mom (the "optimist") is worried people would make off with them. : /

    Having lost stock at shows in the past, I'm not real keen or more things getting "lost".

    I'll be sure to keep checking in with what I decide to do! ^_^


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