Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Bouquet of Love

After our great outdoor art fair experience on Saturday, I dedicated some time on Sunday to *finishing* cards. You see, I have a terrible habit of getting cards mostly done, or even all the way done, and then they just sit. I never seem to have the time (or inclination) to add those last few details or snap the photos required to list them. And so they sit.

Well last weekend, I finished a bunch of cards, made several others with new sayings (!) and, yes, left some still unfinished. However, I did get photographs taken, so Ink and Vine will soon be awash in new cards!

In fact, I have already listed the first few. Unfortunately, the photos do not do these cards justice, as they were some of my favorites. I think you can still get the idea though.

The first card I listed reads "Plant the seed of friendship reap a bouquet of happiness." I love the saying, but for some reason, have never been totally satisfied with the flowers I have paired it with. However, I LOVE this combination. I like the way the small flowers on the flower and the brush strokes on the leaves echo both each other and the flower they create.

The second listing, is a set of three love themed cards, all done up in orange.

What I like best about the cards in this set is how versatile they are. Take for example the one on the right, which reads "Once in a lifetime you meet someone who changes Everything." That could be used for weddings, anniversaries, engagements, love notes...or just to give someone a hard time. You can easily change the meaning totally with a surprising line on the inside like "I'll never eat mac and cheese again." It would also make a sweet thank you card for someone who impacted your life--a coach, teacher, or mentor.

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  1. Lovely additions to the shop! I find myself often finishing items, but then lacking the motivation to photograph them. This of course is a huge problem for selling online. =P


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