Sunday, May 27, 2007

One Cat, Two Cat, White Cat, Black Cat

Today was a good day! I spent far too long browsing etsy (I had an excuse! My birthday is in a few weeks and my hubby *told* me to! ; ) and we adopted kitten #2--a sweet baby girl we are naming Abernathy (Abby for short). Check out the sweetheart (and um, ignore my hair, I have no earthly idea what it thought it was doing.)

After finishing her paperwork, I came home and played with our baby boy, whom (I believe) we have settled on calling Ampere. He loves this angry jellyfish from Astrowaffle.

Eventually, I wandered into my craft room and got started on a *great idea* that I came up with quite awhile ago. However, our last apartment lacked the space I need to have elbow room for a larger project and I've been too busy since the move, so today was the day. All I completed tonight was the background, but I plan on working on it some more tomorrow.


  1. aww, your new kittens are so adorable! Take tons of pics of them now, because they grow up so fast.

  2. Aw, thanks! ^_^ I've been trying to take bunches and bunches. And short videos too. : )


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