Friday, May 25, 2007

Friendship Defined

Apologizes for not posting yesterday. You ever have one of those days where you look at the clock and all of sudden it's bedtime.Yea...where does it go? 0_o

However, it all works out, since I managed to get a card posted yesterday and I didn't today (I went into my craftroom at about 8 to get started on some new things and one thought led to another and before I was done with my internet research it was, um, well, right now--11 pm. Oops!). It's nice how everything tends to balance out. ^_^

This little card features one of my older stamps (actually with the rate at which things have been expiring from my shop it's the only one with this message--does that make it new again? ; ).

Swirls, geometric shapes, rich and vivid colors, and text have been constant features in my art since about high school. It really shouldn't surprise anyone that I adore blocks of text like this "dictionary definition" of friendship. I love the look of text--the shapes of the letters, the words, and the overall block. The lines made by the font and the spacing between the words. It's kind of like how you can adore the music of a song so much that you almost don't care what the lyrics are--you just want the vocals in there for their sound--like any other instrument. That's how I tend to feel about beautiful text.

Of course, it's even better if the words are meaningful in and of themselves. Which is what I like about this stamp--it not only gives "flavor" in the form and shape of the letters, but it has a sweet message that is perfect for taking some time to thank your friends for being the awesomely wonderful people they are (and they are, because they are friends with you, right? ; ).

BIG plans this weekend. If all goes according to plan (hehe) there should be many new designs hitting the shop over the next few months. ^_^ I have tons of great ideas and I am finally getting the time and space to work on them. Now it's just a matter of getting them finished, photographed, and into the shop in a reasonable amount of time! ^_^

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