Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wishing You Joy

Know someone who is having a baby? Getting married? Moving out on their own? Starting a buisness? Adopting a child? Chasing dreams? Let them know that you hope only the best for them with this pretty little thing. I think that the exuberant shade of pink fits the message quite nicely. Like sending a bit of sunshine and roses along with your note.

I was feeling joyous today, so this card cried out to be listed. It's always good when you find yourself loving your job. Last Friday marked one month of work (and boy it went fast!) and I learn more and more each day. I love working somewhere where the work is varied and challenging and the people are kind. Dream career meets dream workplace = floating on cloud 9.

I wish everyone as much joy as I have found here in Alabama. ^_^

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