Sunday, May 27, 2007

Spotlight On michaeljpatrick

I've mentioned before the common complaint on the etsy forums of being unable to find gifts for male recipients. Given that the men in my own life are given to gaming and geeking out, I feel their pain. However, every so often I run across a seller who creates things that I know my husband would like. And, more importantly, whose stuff I wouldn't mind--heck might even *enjoy*--having in my house. Michaeljpatrick is one of those sellers.

A brand new etsyian, his shop has just five items listed. But those five items are more than enough to know that I like his style. His work is expressive, funny, and absolutely age-defying. With a cartoon like quality that will appeal to younger viewers and a wry wink for the older ones, this is art the whole house can appreciate.

The first item to catch my eye was the Rab-Bot. My husband has a thing for cute, fuzzy, critters. Even better if they are being eaten, looking tough, or otherwise acting in a way not congruous with our Disney-fied expectations. And bunnies are particularly funny to him. So naturally, I had to check it out. And giggle. I love the very matter-of-fact nature of the Rab-bot, the lack of concern of the bunny being tossed inside, and the variety of facial expressions of the bunnies already trapped inside. Especially the one in the middle, who reminds me of the 0_o internet face.

Hopping over to his shop, I found Rock on Princess. Now, as a female in a male dominated field, I have been known to be a bit...sensitive about society's messages to young girls. (We won't go into the tirade that a shirt which read "I'm too pretty to do math." got me started on.) This print is part of why I love to shop indie. Here is a print that shows the princess playing guitar hero. She doesn't need to give up her femininity to play guitar--she can just be herself and have fun. Of course, that may be a bit of projection on my part. Regardless, I think that many youngsters who love Nintendo, and many of us who grew up with Nintendo, will adore this bright, fun, and spunky print.

Not everything in his shop is quite so sweet, both Red Bird Feels so Blue and Sugar Tears the Unicorn have a slightly darker slant. I am incredibly excited to see what Michael will come up with next. And with birthdays and holidays looming later this year, I'm sure I will be back. If not for the men in my life, then for me!

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  1. Not just for guy! There are LOTS of us girl gamers out there and I LOVE the rabbit print! Awesome find!


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