Monday, May 28, 2007

Old Friends and New Ones

Today I spent some time with some old friends--some of my first flower art cards. They have traveled a long photographic road. My first pictures, taken last summer, were taken outside in the shadiest sunny spot I could find--often using my own shadow to lessen the extreme brightness. In October, I built my first lightgbox and retook all the pictures. I thought my new pictures were amazing--the clarity, the detail, the trueness of colors! It wasn't long though, before I wasn't satisfied with just that. My pictures were still dark--frustratingly so as no amount of light seemed to help!

Later, I learned of my camera's exposure setting (and a handful of others like macro and white balance) and my pictures became the bright, crisp, delightful images I was chasing after. However, being crunched on time, only my newest listings benefited from my new-found skill. So today I started in on the long slog of replacing all my old photos. I didn't get too far (I'd had a soda and between my own excitement and the caffeine and the sugar I was too jittery to have the patience for photographing) but I took those first few steps.

And wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! I relisted this card simply to showcase the stunning new photography. This is the carrot I needed to entice me to retake more of my pictures. Just amazing.

Given my sugary state I decided to move to something a little more tangible--working on my newest Great Idea (my new friend)! I spent over an hour playing with layouts debating composition and color placement. What's shown below is one of the potential layouts. I couldn't quite find that optimal placement that vibed just right so I am going to sit and think on it a bit more before permanently adhering anything.


  1. Anonymous11:26 PM

    This is just plain lovely!

    BTW; I found VAST off of your site; but I can't find the source for the web ring - do you happen to know where I can pick that up? Thanks!

  2. Wonderful - lovely use of color and the flowers are beautifully detailed!

  3. Ascend, I think you can join the webring here:

    It says that there are members pending right now, so I am not sure if the person in charge of it is MIA or just taking a break.

    Bonny--thank you for the compliment! ^_^


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