Sunday, April 07, 2013

To Boldly Go...Progress on the Space Baby Quilt

Baby Quilt In Process

Last we spoke, I had my layout for the back figured out. Since then, I finished the back and started the front.

The photo up top is cropped to give an idea of what the finished back will look like. Right now, it still has all the extra fabric attached from having set everything on point.

Baby Quilt In Process

Turns out 4 yards wasn't *quite* enough of the star fabric, as my front panel is shorter than the back. So I will likely be salvaging those triangles I trim off the back to extend the front. Wheels are turning.

So far, the front has the sun. Those triangles are folded prairie points, so they are dimensional, sticking up out of the seam. I created the sun using a technique I learned in my Curves class.

Baby Quilt Front

Tomorrow's (well, I suppose technically today's) goal is to finish the planets and (fingers crossed) get them appliqued on! Then it'll just be a matter of trimming, extending, basting, quilting, labeling, and shipping. Yea. Just that stuff. ; )

I am completely in love with how this quilt is turning out. My quilting skills have improved a lot in the last year (in large part due to getting involved with my guild) and this quilt really shows that.


  1. I really need to sign up for one of Rachel's classes. Hopefully the next one!

    1. I've really enjoyed them, even if I still have most of the projects in the Curves class to do...

      I highly recommend buying the "Premium" level of the class with the ebook. She covers a TON of stuff, very quickly, only a handful of people in each session seem to keep up at all.

  2. Lucky baby! That is beautiful!


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