Saturday, July 14, 2012

Handstitched Progress!


Last I posted, I was wending my way through the embroidery. I completed the half square triangles last weekend and made the executive decision to move onto the English Paper piecing before finishing the satin stitched squares.

I did this for a couple of reasons:

1. I was starting to get impatient because I'd fallen behind the class. Impatient stitching is not good stitching and other students are saying that each satin stitched square takes 2+ hours to complete so it's not something I could just knock out quickly.

2. I want to make sure I at least *try* each new skill while the class is going on so that if I have questions I can ask Rachael.

In the same vein as #2 above, I also selected and cut fabrics for just one Storm at Sea block, so I could try it out, learn from my mistakes, and then select fabrics for the remaining 3 blocks.


With the paper piecing, I am learning (as I do with each new handsewing skill) that simple in concept does not mean simple or brief in execution. I've already made a couple of rookie mistakes which I'll post about later once I can take some pictures to show what I did wrong.

I am still behind as the applique section of the class starts on Monday (!) but I'm hoping to get somewhat caught up before the hand quilting section. That gives me just 2 weeks for a whole lot of sewing, so that may be overly optimistic. Specifically, I would like to have my Storm at Sea blocks and Applique completed if nothing else. I am contemplating appliqueing shapes in with the embroidery instead of satin stitching. I love the look of the satin stitching, I'm just not sure I love the time. And appliqueing the shapes might allow me to move onto the hand quilting sooner....

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  1. I'm likely using the fabric you have at the outer border in my quilt too, and it's brilliant to use it diagonally, can't wait to see how it turns out. I have several more jewels to do and every time I'm reminded they take 2+ hours each I shudder!


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