Saturday, July 14, 2012

CSA Week 8

CSA Week 8

This week's CSA included a small canteloupe, blueberries, apples (loving our fruit share!), corn, a green bell pepper, summer squash, eggplant, tomatoes, an onion, potatoes and a cucumber.

The canteloupe will get cubed and eaten with lunches, the blueberries are going into blueberry pancakes (our first this year since the earlier ones all went into jam), and the apples are TBD. I want to taste one first to see how sweet or tart they are, then we will make a determination. They are cute as heck though!

The corn we are going to take off the cob and eat with lunches and (possibly) cook into cornbread. Nom. The summer squash are going to get kitted up and frozen as veggies for pasta, the potatoes are destined for soup. The green bell pepper will go on pizza, along with some of the tomatoes and onion, The eggplant got re-homed with my coworker. The cucumber will probably be eaten as a snack.

The balance of the tomatoes and onion will make a start toward tomato sauce.

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