Wednesday, May 23, 2012



Three years ago, the hubby and I stood in our (soon to be) house with our Realtor, poking into closets and falling in love with the amazing kitchen and gorgeous trees. And when we got to the rec room I took one look at the teal and brown paint and said "That's got to go".

And yet, we never could quite decide what to replace it with. So it stayed. And stayed. And stayed.

The filing bench prompted us to pick a paint color. But still. No forward motion.

Enter A.

Making Biscuits

One of my oldest friends, A had been planning a trip out our way when I visited California last Novemeber. When I mentioned that we were having trouble getting the get-up-and-go to get the rec room painted, she cheerfully volunteered to help. I happily took her up on that offer so she arrived in town prepared with painting clothes and caffeine.

And then, primer happened.


And paint.


Then A paused to visit some other friends and the hubby and I did a second coat of paint, pulled the tape, and did touch-ups.

Paint and Trim!

And, finally, the blue and brown was G.O.N.E. replaced by a lovely warm, golden brown.


These photos don't do the color justice. Trust me it's lovely. And it matches the couch. Hurrah!

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