Saturday, May 26, 2012

Gathering Supplies

Class Materials

I'm getting super excited about the handstitching class I'm taking this summer. Yesterday the first supply list went live and June 4th the lessons will begin in earnest. I took Rachael up on her offer of an essentially free (we paid only shipping and handling) supply kit which knocked out many of the smaller supplies (a small piece of felt, single ball of pearle cotton, single sheets of transfer paper, etc). Today I hit up my local quilt shop for the fabrics I would need for the sampler quilt. I had a lovely time oggling the fabrics and pulling together a palette I loved. While there I also purchased a 7" embroidery hoop and some additional pearle cotton.

I rounded out my supply gathering with a hera marker, cardstock (purchased after this photo was taken), and a nice order of Kona solids from Fabric Shack. The 4" embroidery hoop and water soluble pencil I had on hand. I still need some freezer paper but then I should be pretty well set. I will need to buy a few additional things for the balance of the projects. In part, this is because the project supply lists are revealed one week before the instructions are posted but the lion's share is out of the way.

One thing I am holding off on is the purchase of a thimble. I noticed that my local quilt shop had LOTS of choices, and I've heard that thimbles are hugely personal so I want to wait until I learn more about the options and see if I can finangle my way into trying a few. Do any of you use thimbles? What kind do you like?


  1. I personally don't use a thimble, but I'm in the minority. If I did use one regularly, I would prefer a leather one.

  2. Thanks for the input! : ) The quilt shop had leather, gel, ones with an opening for your finger nail. I've tried and not like the metal ones, so I know I want something else, I'm just not sure what. : )


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