Sunday, May 27, 2012

This Week's Books

May 25, 2012

With this being a long weekend, I was really looking forward to having time to read. I had saved Glamour in Glass to devour in blissful, uninterrupted weekend reading, and I was fascinated by the revelations of Ratio and looking forward to the next 80% of the book. So I was disappointed indeed to find that not only were they due back to the library on Friday, but other readers had placed holds for them.

Wanting to be a good library citizen, I dutifully returned them and promptly came home and put holds on them. : ) Hopefully the other readers will be as conscientious as I was.

Consequently, this week's reads are a bit of a hodge podge of random things I had on my to-read list that were also available from the Main Library. I've already finished both Project Everlasting and If You Ask Me which will leave me lots of time this week to finish the last 70 pages of the Feminine Mystique and soak up the ideas in The Homemade Pantry.

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