Sunday, February 07, 2010

Aweigh Challenge #2

Well that business trip threw a monkey wrench into my aweigh challenge plans. I was down to 159 even before I left and today I weighed in at 161. Clearly 10 days of eating out for every meal and not exercising does not do good things for me.

Feb 7 2010

My goals for this week? Get back on track with eating habits and 1.5 hours of exercise. Last month I was trying for 15 min a day but I found that if I had to miss a day, it was hard to get going again. On the other hand, planning for 30 min every other day means that I don't exercise when I do feel like it. So, I'm going to try for this. It works out to 30 min every other day or 15 min 6 days a week. Or any combination of those. We'll see how this works out. : )

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