Sunday, March 01, 2009

Simple Joy Sunday # 5

1. FINALLY taking the giveaway stuff that had been piling up to the local thrift store (which supports our local rescue mission).

Trunk Full Full Backseat

2. Getting the new duvet cover (that I bought on a Black Friday sale...) onto our newly clean comforter. Ahh so much better than beige. ^_^

New Duvet

3. Discovering Melt My Butter through another blogger and trying out her chicken rolls. Yum. ^_^ AND we have leftovers for lunch!


4. Making real progress on cleaning my craft room.

Empty Boxes

5. Janine over at Athena's Armoury is joining us this week! : )

Read other simple joys from this week over at Cool Zebras. Join us by posting your own and linking up!


  1. Wow great stuff. Could you come and clear out some stuff for me too?

    I've linked you...thanks so much for participating again.

  2. Wow! Look at all of those donations!! The duvet cover looks great. Slowly, but surely right? You and I are in the same situation with out craft rooms. Mine's mid cleanup mess, too! Thanks for the linky.


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