Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wuv, Twue Wuv, and Mawwiage

This is totally gratuitous post just to say that I adore this picture and it's being neglected on Flickr. So I'm posting it here too! : )

Love, True Love

I took this pic while my hubby and I were on the General Jackson Boat tour with my parents last month. We were holding hands and it occurred to me that I didn't have a picture with both of our rings in it and it was a lovely shot. I got two pictures off before my hubby caught on. (Busted!) Luckily for me, he thinks my "lets take pictures of everything we see" obsession habit is cute. Although, he did ixnay taking pictures of our food when we went out for a fancy anniversary dinner. But hey, compromise and communication, right? The corner stones of any good relationship. (Right along with such truisms as "Yes Dear")

The hubby and I will have been married 2.5 years next week. Which means we have been together for 6.5 years in total. Where does the time go? When we met we were second year college students and my biggest fear was vector math. I could stay up all night, skip class when I felt like it (not *that* often, just for the record), and spend my free time wandering campus and talking with that nice boy from class. Nearly seven years later that nice boy and I have twice graduated school, gotten married, taken "real" jobs, moved across the country, adopted two cats, and disguised ourselves as responsible adults. But we still talk for hours and stay up later than we should and laugh ourselves silly.

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  1. It is amazing how quickly time flies - my hubby and I have been together for 24 years in Oct (11 married) - ahhh, I can still remember those college days soooo long ago *grin*

    Lovely photo!


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