Monday, August 11, 2008

So Who's Ready to Shop For the Holidays?

*raises both hands* Ohohoh, mememememe! Today at work, I found myself humming "Walking in a Winter Wonderland." That must have been the trigger, because tonight I bought my first Christmas gifts (sorry, not going to show them off until next January!) and found myself looking at holiday cards.

Now if you are like me there are tiers of holiday cards. There are the ones that go out to coworkers (non-offensive, not overly cute), the ones that go with gifts (matched to the gift or the friend or the acquaintance) and the ones you send out to family (I obsess over these, yet many years get as far as writing them and forget to send them, *headesk*). Etsy has cards for all of those and more! Now if only more card sellers (um, like me?) would get on the bandwagon and get their cards posted! Else I risk buying cards from now until Christmas and having a house full of unused cards come next January.

Christmas Forest Stationary Set by jellybeans

Peace on Earth Set by LunaGraphica

Warm Fuzzies by olerattlesnake

Christmas Forest Stationary Set by atelierdesigns

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  1. Anonymous11:28 PM

    Christmas cards already?!? Is it really that time so soon? Wow, every year I say I'm going to get a head start and be able to spend my holidays NOT frazzled, and every year it still seems to sneak up on me. But maybe you've got something here... If I start addressing and writing cards now, I may actually get them out by Christmas!


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