Saturday, June 16, 2007

It's My Birthday (Weekend)!

And today was a good day. ^_^ A very good day.

It started when I stumbled into the kitchen to feed the kittens (who were very disappointed not to be getting fed at the usual 7 am and instead having to wait until 10am! The nerve of me!)

While feeding them I noticed a lovely, shiny package, with a big bow on top!

My hubby told me I could open it, so I did and look what was inside!

A Bento Box! Huzzah! For those of you who aren't familiar with this miraculous little invention, it is a Japanese product that has several small containers that fit inside a large "thermos" like container. This has multiple benefits--not only can you bring several different types of food for lunch, but it also encourages you to eat saner portions and fill out that food pyramid. The bottom two (and larger) containers are insulated, and one even has a self locking top to ensure that liquids (like soup) can't leak out. The main "thermos" is also insulated, which means should you want to simply fill that with soup or a warm drink you can. The whole kit and kaboodle then fits in a fabric carrying case with a shoulder strap and a top handle. The case has an interior pocket for a metal spork (provided) which even has its own plastic snap case to prevent food from rubbing off onto the interior after you eat. The case also has an outer pocket that looks like it would work for magazines or napkins.

Lunch time just got 100 times awesomer!

Afterward, I mostly managed to wrangle the kittens into a group shot:

After mailing out some packages (yay for orders!) and grabbing lunch, my hubby wanted to take a nap. While he was sleeping I got a lot accomplished.

First, I got approved to be part of the Sidewalk Arts Stroll here in Huntsville. On July 19th and September 20th, I will be happily showcasing my cards and dragonlings! If you are in the area, feel free to come by and say "hi"!

(Now I just need to give my boss a heads up, procure a table, send in the official application and my booth fee, and figure out my displays. Luckily I have a monthish before the first one!)

Secondly, I went into my craft room and made things happen! After being sick last weekend it felt good to get some new stuff made! The final touches will be added tomorrow, and photographs will be taken and then listing will begin! Etsy seems to have worked out its bugs so the overall timing seems to have worked out well. Here is a picture of the state of my desk!

Eventually, the hubby awoke and we went off to see Shrek the Third. I loved it! I had no idea that Justin Timerblake was doing voice acting for it until I saw the credits. Shocking, I tell you, just shocking! The soundtrack was excellent and I loved the "girls can save their own darn selves" message. Hooray! ^_^

Then we came back home and I had this *very* healthy dinner:

You know it's healthy because those are dark chocolate M&Ms. And everybody knows dark chocolate is good for you. ; )

While eating "dinner" I finally took the plunge and ordered my birthday present to myself: a gocco printer! *dances*

For those of you who don't know what a gocco printer is, it's a small machine that allows you to create prints quickly. It creates relatively little mess, takes up only a small amount of room, and allows you to make some gorgeous images.

Since I obviously, don't have enough projects buzzing through my head (hah!) I needed this little tool so I could open up even more possibilities. More discussion on what those possibilities are later, since this post is already hideously long, but it is going to enable me to do a lot of things that I have been wanting to do, but simply could not do economically enough for it to make sense. With any luck, my first Gocco items might even be at my first Sidewalk Arts Stroll.


  1. Happy birthday! Always such a fun delightful day for celebration. I love the gift from your hubby. I do want one for myself.

    I like your blog Fun to read and I love the pic. of all your new supplies and ideas.

  2. I'm glad you enjoy the blog! I have a lot of fun writing it. ^_^


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