Friday, June 15, 2007

Diary 2008 Project

Etsy's category listings are still wonky (I uh, researched that extensively for several hours tonight in order to confirm this ; ) so I'm still holding off on listing for a bit. If my birthday celebration this weekend leaves me with some free time, I will most likely start listing again then.

However, I do have other exciting news--I will be contributing to the Diary 2008 Project! I am working out ideas in my head, but I'm thinking I want something with my little dragonlings that also uses text as a visual element. Similarly to how I did on this ACEO:

An interesting dimension is added by the requirements that the entire thing be completed in gray scale (not my usual choice given my undying love for BRIGHT color) and that it is to be digitally submitted. My digital skills are pretty limited, so I hope to get started on this this weekend, so I'll have some time to fiddle.

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