Sunday, May 13, 2007

Spotlight on marymeestudio

The first thing that drew me into marymeestudio's shop was quite possibly the cutest piggy bank I have ever seen. (Now as someone who somehow ended up with a lot of pigs as a child, you are just going to have to trust me that that is high praise indeed.) What made me stay were the gorgeous colors.

I've mentioned here before my love for rich, deep, vibrant colors. Muddy colors leave me cold and as a result so does an awful lot of pottery. There seems to be this whole genre of "earthy" work whose whole color range runs from muddy blue to muddy brown with a bit of gray from time to time. And while I know many people who love and appreciate this work, it just isn't my style.

As result, I tend to often overlook pottery on etsy in favor of paintings, jewelry, pillows and other areas where bright colors tend to reside. Marymeestudio's fantastic colors renewed my interest in pottery and reminded me of the vibrancy that is possible in the medium.

Once the shop had my attention, I was delighted by the soft curves and thoughtful details that adorn each piece. Texture plays a large role in most pieces, and in some cases, a piece that appears very simple holds a surprising wealth of textured detail when you click to see the larger picture.

Below are two of my favorite pieces from her shop. The first piece is similar to the first piggy bank I fell in love with (long since shipped off to a good home). The graceful curve up to the snout and the large "button" eyes make this little piggy both elegant and adorable. The piece appears very well-made, including a smoothly finished lip around the snout that is visible when the cork is removed. Using the cork as the pig's nose also ensures easy access to the funds stored in his stomach--sparing him from being cracked open with a hammer.

Because he is ceramic, I wouldn't gift this to a very young child. But for older children or as a "change jar" I think he would be ideal. At a generous size of 4 1/4" across the belly, he would also make a great way to save up for something special.

The second item shown is a medium-sized blue vase. This caught my eye because of the wonderful shade of blue with it's lighter and darker patches. It reminded me of a mostly clear sky on a spring day. Color completely aside however, the lines of texture serve both as a tactile accent and a reminder of the loving handcrafting that went into it. It is a wonderful reminder of the process and the human touch that created the item. I imagine this being completely stunning with a few daisies or orchids placed in it.

I see an incredible wealth of potential in marymeestudio's shop. The shop seems to bubble over with creative new ideas and designs. I love the sheer variety offered up and can't wait to see what comes next. And next after that. And next after that...

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