Saturday, May 12, 2007


Today was amazing. Wonderful. Incredible. Add on whatever words mean "really totally and truly awesome in every way" to that list. I mean it. Just...Yay!

First of all, as we were cleaning house and getting ready to got look at cats I took a few min to poke at the computer. And what did I get but a convo from beadkiss congratulating me on making the front page! *Does a double take*. Yup, it still said I was on the front page. So I click to the main page and there I am! This resulted in some jumping up and down, and some husband hugging, and a phone call to my mom (I'm a nerd, I know).

So now I'm hyped up on front paged-ness and we head out to look at kittens, when we find this little guy. After some confusion as to his age and gender, we discovered that the little one we were adopting was a male, estimated to be about 7 weeks old. He's cute, playful, and docile. He doesn't fuss when held, purrs easily, and likes to get up on his back legs and "hop" onto things. We are hoping to adopt another cat or kitten as well, but in a good/bad way the shelter had very few candidates, so we will keep checking back.

Then we went shopping to get groceries and kitty litter, came home, ate dinner, watched Waterworld, and then I listed a couple of new cards. Which sounds mundane but was just a perfect ending to today. By the way, these are the new cards I listed:

The only other green flower I've ever done was part of a custom order. I actually really liked how it turned out (back in November?) and I kept meaning to make more. So I finally did! And I adore the orange on the "Follow Your Dreams" Card. It just looks so happy and vibrant. Like captured sunshine. Warm and strong. : )

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