Monday, May 14, 2007

Gratitude and Team Work

So the first bit of the title refers to my latest listing! A pretty little yellow flower sits atop the message "gratitude is the heart's memory". I like thank you cards that don't say "thank you". Not just because (as I've mentioned before) etiquette dictates it, but because of the flowing nature of the words. "Thanks!" or "Thank you!" almost seems too brief to be heartfelt. But a little bit of pretty prose, or a clever incorporation of "thank you" into the design makes it seem a little more thought out, a little more sincere, a little more special.

This card seems especially right for situations where the actions you are thanking the other person for are also a bit more heartfelt, a bit more special. Perhaps someone made you feel welcome when you first moved or let copied their notes for you when you were sick and missed class. Little things that will be remembered, even if the other person would soon forget.

The "team work" bit of the title refers to a brand-new, hot-off-the-press collaboration between myself and twolefthands. In addition to small fairies, she also makes gorgeous felt "petal pillows". Imagine if the flowers off my cards suddenly became fuzzy, and cuddly and found themselves on pillows! If you like my flower cards, you will love her petal pillows! In fact, I personally (being *totally* unbiased here ; ) think that one of her pillows and one of my cards would be a perfect combination to give as a gift--on just about any occasion.

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