Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Nothing new in the shop today. I've been running in several directions today and I just didn't have time to take the pics to list something. (Note to self: You are plenty ahead on stock. Getting ahead on photos is equally beneficial. Get on that.)

Why so busy? Well, I have an interview this Thursday! The job is very, very, appealing--interesting work, nice people, great area, and it's in an area where my husband should be able to easily find work. It really is almost too good to be true (*crosses fingers*) and I am hopping with excitement about it. The interview was just finalized today, which meant getting my itinerary and working out the details. They are even being so kind as to put me in touch with a Realtor and schedule my flight out for later Saturday so that I can do some house hunting while I am there. : )

In addition to the interview (because I am incapable of ever having only one major development or project going on at once),I am trying to get the little FAE street team up and running. We have a really great bunch of members, but the beginning stages of any project are the most difficult as far as setting expectations, working out a system, etc. Things are starting to come together though. : )

I'd also like to thank dragonwhimsy who left a comment on my post from Saturday offering some other domain choices! I really liked mrsdragonsden.com . After I posted that entry, however, I was blog hopping and landed on isew's blog and saw her url-- isew.biz. Which provided me with the rather large smack up the head I needed to remember that, oh yea, you could do things besides .com! I also found a great deal at godaddy.com on domain names. So I registered mrsdragon.info, mrsdragon.net, and mrsdragon.biz. I have them all for the next year, which should be enough time to decide how I want to use them (for instance, I could put seperate things on each one or I can have two direct to the third) and get the cash together to hire a designer to create the page I have in mind.

Oh! I almost forgot! I have the designs drawn up for my grandmother's Easter cards. In order to reduce the price, I decided to simply draw a design for the front and interior and photocopy it onto nice paper. I will be running them off tomorrow, so I should be able to post some "finished" pics then. I'll give more thoughts on the design when you can see it. I'm torn about it myself, but more on that then. : )

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