Monday, March 12, 2007

Spotlight on TexasCeramics

I first stumbled across TexasCeramics while doing a search on etsy for turtle related items. I clicked on a pretty little ceramic spoon rest and discovered an entire store of wonder. When I need a beautiful, inexpensive, "themed" gift to give a friend, TexasCeramics is the first place I check. From hearts and lace to her "road kill" line, Jacque offers a design for everyone. Although the shop's staple are small, versatile dishes that she bills as spoon rests/tea bag holders/universal catchalls, you can also find beautiful liquid soap/lotion dispensers, plates, bird feeders, night lights, napkin rings, trinket boxes, lapel pins, and more!

Each design is cast from a ceramic mold and finished to guarantee that the colors will not flake, chip, or peel. These functional pieces have wonderful depths of color--earthy browns on warm ivories; rich yellows, reds, and blues; and pale pinks and aquas--that perfectly compliment the selected designs.

Below are two images from TexasCeramics' shop--a T-Rex spoon rest/tea bag holder/universal catchall and a lacey bath set.

I selected the T-Rex catchall to point out for three reasons. The first is purely personal--a deep love of dinosaurs that inspired my love of dragons. The second is the absolutely exquisite workmanship. While I have no doubt that even the simplest pieces in TexasCeramics' shop are crafted with equal care and attention to detail, the small nooks and crannies in this piece really show off the skill involved. No detail is out of place. The glazing pools in deeper grooves, creating the impression of well worked in dirt and grime that comes from being in the earth for thousands of centuries.

My third reason for showcasing this piece is to demonstrate the "male friendly" nature of these small creations. Spoon rests and tea bag holders may sound distinctly feminine but the majority of the designs and colors in TexasCeramics' shop are equally appealing to the male and female buyer. I can easily imagine a male office worker using T-Rex to hold his paper clips, or a college guy using one of the "road kill" catch alls as a spot for his keys or change.

The second item shown below is of a soap/lotion dispenser and matching soap dish. Again, the detail work is amazing and the applied color subtly highlights the design. The blue background serves to emphasize the intricate lacey forms, making it almost impossible to resist the desire to touch and hold the pieces. Each one looks like it would draw covert caresses from guests who might use them.

T-Rex Spoon Rest, Desk or Dresser Accessory by Texas Ceramics
Lace Look Lotion Dispenser and Soap or Ring Dish - Denim Blue by TexasCeramics

TexasCeramics is a shop that I adore visiting often. Whether I am falling under the spell of new pieces or remaining entranced by my previous finds I can’t help but make a list in my head—Oh that cow is perfect for Sally, my grandmother would love the soap dish, I wonder if my brother would use a catchall because he would really like that road kill armadillo… And then of course there is the matter of trying to work out where I would use all the designs I myself adore. : )

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  1. Thanks for introducing me to yet another great Etsy seller!


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