Sunday, March 11, 2007

Friendship Grows

This card went up in the shop today. I love the bright stripes in the flower--it almost looks like candy. Yum. ^_^

The FAE (Fantasy Art of Etsy) street team is starting to get rolling. We have a blog set up and are working out some sort of schedule and rules for content. For now all it has is a list of our member artists. I will post here with more information once we work the kinks out and start posting. You can also check out our fledgling little flickr group at .

Put some serious thought into creating a web portal today--a single web page that acts as an access point for my etsy shop, blog, flickr account, other hobbies, etc. A check on revealed that the domain is already taken. Boo. I guess I will keep thinking about it. I had the idea of (which is free) but I don't know if that is too different/long/difficult to remember. I could do (similar to this blog, since mrsdragon was already taken when I signed up here as well) but I would like to put more on it than just my "for sale" items--things like my ATCs and quilts. I wasn't going to do anything right away anyway, since I need to save up to be able to hire a graphic designer for the webpage design. I guess I'll keep thinking about it. If anyone out there has any ideas for domain names, I'd love to hear them. : )

Friendship Grows Card
Friendship Grows Card

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  1. Other possibilities:, I do favor mrsdragonswares myself because of the blog (even if it's not all going to be about things for sale), but if you can't get the ideal, I think any of the alternatives are going to be fine. is also available, but that could invite some mix-ups...


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