Saturday, February 17, 2007

Wishing You Joy

Today I listed up a card in the shop with a new saying "wishing you joy". I love the loopy, swirly, feel to the text. It has a very whimsical vibe to it. Another thing that appealed to me about the text is that it is very versatile--you could use it for birthdays, graduations, engagements, weddings, feel-better-soon occasions, I-miss-you occasions, or even just because--without being banal and overdone.

I love the play of textures on this particular card--the script on the flower and the sponge-y pattern on the leaves. I am also very proud of how the photographs turned out, especially the close up. It's very satisfying to be able to see the improvement in my product photographs over the past few months. : )

Wishing You Joy CardWishing You Joy Card

In other news, tomorrow will be another spotlight feature and Monday I will be absent from blogging as my husband and I will be celebrating our first anniversary. In honor of the occasion, here are some pictures of us from exactly one year ago on Monday.

Why Hello ThereThe Rose Petal Toss


  1. Hi,

    Landed on your blog by chance. First, impressed with your posts and cards, indeed very nice. Brilliant posts as well...

    And yes, happy first year anniversary as well...

    Your regular blog reader from Mauritius

  2. Thank you Ashvin! I'm glad you enjoy my blog. ^_^

  3. happy anniversary!


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