Saturday, February 17, 2007

Back to Blogging!

Blogging took an unexpected hiatus yesterday when instead of posting my usual blog at about 11pm, I fell fast asleep. Oops! Rest assured I have been busy as ever.

Yesterday I posted up another Friendship Grows Card in the shop. This one features a purple flower and touches of purple on the leaves. I made several of these, so you will be seeing quite a few hit the shop in the coming weeks. (I almost typed "leaves" instead of "weeks", I think I have been making too many flowers lately!) I also have new note cards made up--including a fresh quote!--that will be hitting the shop singly and in sets. Also expect to see expansions to my line of little dragonlings, who are branching out from pinback buttons onto all sorts of new things!

Today I posted up that custom order I spoke about some time ago for dragonlings holding/with pink ribbons for breast cancer. They will be in the mail tomorrow and available on the website after that. 50% from all proceeds goes towards breast cancer research. The dragonlings will be in this section here: along with other pink ribbon items both commercial and handmade.

Friendship Grows Card
CUSTOM ORDER FOR pinksupportacure
CUSTOM ORDER FOR pinksupportacure

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